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NCT 2 Students visit the Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems Lab at LCCC



Nov 2nd, 2016 NCT Grad Earns Lead IT Role

“Growing up I found myself asking a lot of questions on how things worked and why they worked that way. It was in my pursuit of knowledge that led me to attending the Lorain County JVS.”

Avery Gasper attended the NCT program from 2011-2013. During this time, he found himself engrossed by technology. If there was any chance to get ahead and learn something new he took it. By the end of his Junior year he obtained his A+ certification and an Internship at Dawson Companies. This internship expanded his view on the IT world and showed he was a good fit for a career in Information Technology.

“By spending my summer at Dawson Companies, I learned not only about the different types of technologies businesses use but how to utilize them to fit their needs and goals. By the end of the internship they already offered to let me stay on throughout my senior year.”

A few short years later Avery grew to be the IT Systems Administrator at Dawson Companies. It was no co-incidence that this position suited him as he managed the network and servers in NCT and never shot down a chance to learn something new.

“Growing your skills and taking chances is essential in moving up the ladder. I was never afraid to take on something I knew nothing about. No matter what you decide to pursue in your career, make sure you apply yourself and you’ll go far.”​


January 27, 2015 NCT Grad Pursues IT Career
Brian Paradis’ fascination with computers began in childhood.

“I knew early on that technology was going to play a big part in my life,” said Paradis, a computer technician and assistant to Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District Technology Director Doug Cogdell. “I just wasn’t sure what career path to take.”

But that path became clear after Paradis’ 8th grade class visited the Lorain County JVS for a tour.

“That field trip opened my eyes. I was awestruck,” said Paradis, 19, a 2014 graduate of the JVS Network Communications Technology Program. “I thought it would be just another high school, but it was more like a college campus. I had no idea that they offered technology training. It got me thinking seriously about my education.”

Paradis first worked for Cogdell during his sophomore year at Brookside High School, learning about servers and repairing computer equipment, projectors and SMART boards.

When the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District posted a job for a computer technician in 2013, Paradis jumped at the chance to return to his home school district. The position qualified as an internship through the JVS Career Services office, earning Paradis not only a paycheck, but school credit.

Paradis became Codgell’s assistant during the internship, supervising the school district’s four technicians. He went to work at the Sheffield Sheffield-Lake School District full-time immediately after he graduated.

Paradis’ most recent assignment involves partnering with MT Business Technologies, replacing the school district’s old copiers with leased copiers. The switch will save the district about $20,000 annually, according to the school district’s website.

Linking the district’s computers and printers, which includes six schools and the administrative building, was a big project said Paradis.

“Working the server-side was very challenging - getting the copiers and printers to communicate with the server,” he said. “It was a real learning experience for me.”

A new high school-middle school, scheduled to open in August, will keep Paradis’ crew busy during the summer, setting up studio and video production labs for the school’s Video Club.

“These labs are used to produce high quality videos of school athletic events and other student activities. The equipment is used to record and edit the videos that are then streamed through the district’s cable channel,” Paradis explained.

All that responsibility, and college, too!

“College was always in my plans,” said Paradis, who will be the first in his family to earn a college diploma.

“Doug (Cogdell) is very supportive, so my schedule is very flexible,” said Paradis, who is using the University Partnership Program at LCCC to earn his Bachelor’s Degree through The University of Akron.

Paradis earned college credit at the JVS, which gave him a jump start on his degree and made the transition to college a little easier.

“I was confident and a couple steps ahead of some of my classmates when I started college,” he said.

Paradis said that he also learned to budget his time wisely.

“As a high school student I didn’t know how much time management would impact my life, but I understand now how important it is,” said Paradis, whose trusty companions are his smart phone and computer tablet. “My phone is my day planner and I can connect with any server in our district with my tablet, where I can make changes to new computers, and reset passwords and codes.”

Paradis said that he is very happy and wants to assume a bigger role in the district’s technology department after earning his degree.

“I’m at a great point in my life; I have peace of mind and a very promising future,” he said.

And Paradis’ advice to potential JVS students is simple: “Pay attention. Apply yourself, and take advantage of every opportunity.”

 Geoffrey Sherrill  represented the state of Ohio at Skills USA Nationals in June and finished 14th out of 48 contestants.

 We learned alot about this contest that we did not know since we have not competed in this area at nationals in 10 years.  All of these things will be added to the curriculum this year as well as more intense preparation of the student who goes next year.



Technology & Lorain County JVS Were a Good Fit for Nordson EmployeeTTechnology & Lorain County JVS Were a Good Fit for Nordson Employee

 Raised in the farmlands of Ashland, Ohio Zach Meiss said that he was not surrounded by technology as a child. But after his family's move to Amherst, he realized he had a passion for it.

"I built my own computer when I was 12," Meiss said. "I was hooked."

But Meiss reached a crossroads as a sophomore in high school. "I was struggling academically and I wasn't motivated," Meiss confessed. "My grades were below average and I needed something different."

Meiss found that difference through the Lorain County JVS Network Communications Technology Program, a program that focuses on computer networking, troubleshooting and network installation.

"The NCT program got me interested in learning again," said Meiss. "I was very impressed with all it had to offer students like me; students that excel when learning is 'hands-on' and applicable to real work."

Meiss lauds NCT instructor Tim Reeves. "Mr. Reeves was straightforward … with a no-nonsense approach, but he balanced that with a good sense of humor."

"The courses helped me understand server technology and I worked on projects such as configuring network closets - the area where all computer cables converge into the mainframe computer from other networking sources," said Meiss. "Our class networked the offices of the NASA CORE Center located in a building on the JVS grounds."

"There were plenty of hands-on experiences like this," Meiss said. "My confidence grew and it was great preparation for the internship I was offered."

Meiss got to apply his technical skills during a job internship experience with the Nordson Corporation in Amherst, during his senior year.

He must have made quite an impression, because he landed a full-time IT position with the company the day after he graduated from the JVS in 2010.

"I learned so much, especially working with new software specific to Nordson, assisting with technical problems at their facilities and the impact their products have around the world," he said.

"I've always heard that a college diploma was essential to landing a good job," said Meiss, 19, about his new position in IS Corporate Information Systems at Nordson. "I feel very fortunate to be where I am without one (college diploma)."

This is not to say that Meiss has shunned college. On the contrary.

"I like what I'm doing, but I know that a college degree is necessary if I'm going to advance at Nordson," Meiss said.

Which is why Nordson is paying Meiss' tuition while he attends Lorain County Community College part-time, where he is pursuing his Associate Degree in Network Communications.

And thanks to the college credits Meiss accumulated at the JVS, he expects to graduate from the program in about 18 months.

But Meiss will not stop there; he plans to pursue a networking administration degree through LCCC's University Partnership Program.

"It's nice to have options, and it all began with the JVS." 

NCT Grad Finds His Niche at DataServ:

 There is no disputing that Lorain County Joint Vocational School courses place students on the fast track to success.

Which is why Kevin Butler enrolled in the JVS Network Communications Technology Program.

But the 2010 JVS grad from Wellington admits he was amazed at how quickly that his training led to gainful employment as a technical service engineer for DataServ of Westlake.

It began when Butler attended a Lorain County Community College Career Fair in July (2011) and spoke with representatives from DataServ, which provides networking and managed services solutions to the public, including libraries, state and local government and the educational marketplace.

"I was the only person who showed up at their booth with CISCO credentials," Butler said. "I know I impressed them. I left thinking how cool it would be to work there and hoped that I'd get a call back…sooner rather than later."

"My cell phone rang on my drive home from LCCC," Butler continued. "It was DataServ, asking me to interview for a job. Things went well and I was hired a week later. It was awesome!"

Butler is convinced that his JVS curriculum, including internships and special assignments, helped seal the deal.

"I was the only student in my class chosen to intern in the IT Department at the JVS between my junior and senior year," said Butler, who connected computers, installed software and maintained network closets connected to the department's mainframe computer.

"My answer to every question that DataServ officials asked was the same: 'Yes, I can do that. I learned it at the JVS,'" Butler said, chuckling. "I also elaborated on my portfolio, which included my resume, photos and examples of the projects I completed at the JVS."

Butler also said that he learned invaluable time-management skills at the JVS while serving as an officer with SkillsUSA, a national nonprofit organization that prepares high school and college students for careers in trade, skilled and technical occupations.

Now Butler travels around Ohio for DataServ, servicing libraries and school districts from Cleveland to Cincinnati, and from Toledo to Youngstown.

That includes upgrading (digital) phone services for the Akron-Summit County Library Systems; the Hillsboro City School District; West Holmes Local School District (where Butler served as field leader); and also resolving a problem with wireless access at the JVS.

"Most clients express concerns about their network and ask questions like, 'What happens if our phone network crashes?'" said Butler. "That's why it's important to keep the analog telephone lines connected as a backup."

Butler is also preparing for a massive project with Youngstown City Schools, replacing network equipment and upgrading network closets in seventeen school buildings.

"Technically, my day is supposed to begin at 8 (a.m.) and end at 5 (p.m.)," Butler said. "It is rare when that happens. But I'm not complaining. I love this job."

Which is why Butler is focused on his future at DataServ and pursuing advanced CISCO certifications.

Said Butler: "Technology is constantly changing. These courses provide more in-depth knowledge with equipment and installation. I know I've only been employed with DataServ a few months, but in that time I've learned that while a job is something to get you by, my job here is a career. It's a perfect fit for me."